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We have been running machines for a couple of projects and they all are returning varied results and returns based off a multitude of factors. 

GMer's Toy Machines 

We paid a total of 10 SOL to holders of the original bombr mines collection before distributing tokens. Since this point, the machines we have run have only profited 2.5 Solana. This is because jackpots were pulled prematurely therefore making the machines undesirable. We are hoping on the next empty of the machine we should see faster clears, as the machine is the best odds machine we run. We have a deal with ace on this machine that every machine cleared is 5 Solana profit for Fox Club. This means 2.5 Solana per empty will be added. 

Snuggle Squad's Toy Machines 

We have currently generated 20 Solana in profits from these machines accounting for the token + prizes added. This means as it stands, we have 10 Solana to add to the profits to pay to the new collection. This machine we will continue to run and should start providing higher returns to holders as we have completely paid off the initial fees for the machine. 

Space Monkey's Toy Machines 

We generate 50% of the profits from this machine. We are set to make roughly 70 Solana from this machine emptying. Which will be split 50/50 again and added to the royalties. Once the machine has been emptied that is when a machine's profits are added to the payment. This machine is currently one of the best available machines on the entire blockchain.


This means we currently have around 15 Solana already generated for holders post mint. The more traction on our FAIR machines, the higher this number will go! All we need to do is collectively play/advertise the machines enough through communities etc. and the returns will be consistent. 


We are always going to ensure our machines are FAIR TO PLAY. For owning 2 of our new collection, you will be receiving a cut of these profits too! The other 50% will be used to maintain and continue to provide even more value to our brand-new decentralized token. We currently have the support lines to provide multiple 100 SOL machines, with the mint increasing our reserve even more, allowing us to create even crazier machines. Unlike a lot of collections in this space, there's no BS hype here. We are providing real value to our holders. We will continue to provide this level of value in perpetuity with our post mint plans. As you can see, we have our own in-house developers which will be providing some of the most intricate systems for our holders. The levels of post mint elevation we have in mind will be game changing. 


Introduction and how to play these machines Fox Clubs toy machines are a revolutionary piece of technology powered by Hydra Launchpad. Created on chain using an oracle system to generate random transactions, these machines are truly random. 


Each machine is filled with prizes ranging on price depending on the cost per play. 

When you load up one of our live-machines you will see an orange circle indicating a price. This price does not include the on-chain transaction fee to play per spin, so account for that when playing.


1. Initiate random transaction sequence by depositing the associated coins into the machine.

2. Wait up to 45 seconds to receive your random reward.

3. Every single time a reward is taken from the machine, the subsequent items inside increase in chance of being pulled.


 These machines generate a reasonable profit sizing per clear. Every time a machine is cleared the profits associated from that machine are split and added to the payment pool for holders! Note: You can play the machine on 10 windows simultaneously if you want to. Open as many tabs as you like to increase speed of play.


Note: We do not refill machines until they have been emptied. Transaction fees can be moved at any time to adhere to pooling inside the machines

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