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The Fox Club will provide all of the base tools to succeed however, without the strongest of community members supporting our vision, our true potential cannot be unlocked! Each and every person who makes a decision to join The Fox Club, is making a decision to join a movement, one that will shape the core foundations of Solana for years to come!


We will use our business acumen to push The Fox Club into a global brand. Focusing on high quality designed art, merchandising and systems to ensure we are one of the core Web 3.0 brands.

What makes us different here at The Fox Club is we are results orientated. We will push, push, push to ensure the numbers work. We've always said hard work + dedication = success. Adapting to new situations and providing benefits however we can to increase our reach will improve our overall delivery. With this everyone will know who we are!



To be able to grasp how good our token is, you need to understand how it works!

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SPL Tokenomics

Our token $CHITZ is an SPL token available on the Solana blockchain. It was created with a starting supply of 0.

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Maximum Supply

‣ The maximum supply of $CHITZ is 20,000,000.

‣ There will be 3 halving periods.

‣ Each halving period will cut the mining rewards by 50%.​​​

The Fox Club NFT

‣ Every Fox has the ability to mine 30 ($CHITZ) per day.

‣ The only way to mine $CHITZ is to stake your Fox Club NFT.

‣ All Foxes will earn the same amount of tokens. Rarity does not impact earnings.



What can $CHITZ be used for?

$CHITZ Merchandising

We will be launching an entire merchandising line with The Fox Club. With our merchandising you will have unique opportunities to win merchandise by using our token throughout our ecosystem.

This includes:

‣ Winning merchandise from our machines using our native token.

‣ Purchasing/winning discount codes for merchandising by using our native token.

‣ Exclusive $CHITZ only sales on our platforms for special events/milestones.

Raffles, Auctions & More!

A full Web 3.0 integrated marketplace with an array of features will be purchased with a portion of the mint funds. This will be the central hub for all our in house community activities. We will have access to provide raffles based off holdings and reward people who are specifically active in our ecosystem! With this system we will look to integrate all parts of our roadmap so holders can truly benefit from our ecosystem!

Gamified Experiences

We already have available an amazing machine created by Hydra Launchpad! We will be providing exclusive events for holders of The Fox Club to partake in by using the native token! We also have extra benefits from all our gamified experiences which you can read about further into the whitepaper. We will look to expand on the current available machines and continue to provide more value to our core community!



Direct returns on your investment. As an investment should be.

50% Returns Back to Holders!

Yes you read that correctly. All profits generated by the business through the available machines we have and the royalties which we make through the secondary sales are directly split with the holders.

As it stands right now, we have our DTM profits and our royalties being split with holders once a week. We will be looking to add more revenue streams to split with our holders further down the line!

How to Qualify for RevShare:

All you have to do is hold 2 The Fox Club NFT's! Its as simple as that. Every pair of foxes you own will give you an extra piece of the revenue! This means a maximum of 1499 payments will be made each week.

**Our staking system is royalty enforced. If you do not pay royalties through our staking system you will not be eligible for the rev share on those foxes.

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Revenue Share



We plan to provide a set of free tools for project owners to be able to use. The RPC will be paid from the 50% royalties generated by the projects secondary sales. This means that anyone buying from a marketplace is directly supporting small creators, as we will provide a high quality RPC to ensure high quality results.


  • Airdrop Tool

  • Snapshot Tool (Disregards magic eden listings)

  • OG Minter Tool

  • Much more tools to be announced!


Having a team of experienced owners and understanding that things move quite quickly in the NFT space is vital. Being able to adapt and provide unique ways to entertain your community is pivotal to success. We will use our business acumen to push The Fox Club into a global brand. Focusing on high quality designed art, merchandising and systems to ensure we are one of the core Web 3.0 brands.


We will provide merchandising that is brandable on a global scale. Our aim is to provide a high quality tailored merchandising brand with affordable prices. Holders of our NFT's will have the ability to receive exclusive discounts and events to receive free pieces of merch too!

Design and quality is paramount to success. Ensuring that we provide something that resembles the core image of what we are about in the Solana blockchain, with combinations of a direct brandable logo as the base of our merchandising line will allow us to tap into any community that wants an amazing product at a great price!

club members

dedication. expertise. passion.


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